2022 Annual TSRSA Industry Award Winners



The Texas Search, Recruiting, and Staffing association (TSRSA) was excited to be back in person this year to celebrate the achievements and successes of our member firms on Thursday, April 7th at the Junior League of Houston. Our 39th Annual Awards Program was emceed by one of the top experts in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession, Barb Bruno, with Good as Gold Training. She was joined by the President of TSRSA Board of Directors, Elithia Marshi, and Judy Collins, TSRSA’s secretary.

The awards are given each year in a variety of categories to recognize individual recruiters, as well as recruiting teams, in contract staffing, blended services, administrative, and technical/professional niches.



Team Awards- Administrative Support Division

1st Place- Burnett Specialists Westchase: Carmen Albertson

2nd Place- Burnett Specialists Greenway| Downtown: Michelle Waldron, Morgan Hayes, and Peyton Singletary

3rd Place- Professional Alternatives: Sue Bragg & Christine Norris

Individual Awards- Administrative Support Division

1st Place- Christine Norris with Professional Alternatives

Team Awards- Technical/Professional Division

1st Place- Physician Resources: Rebecca Orzabal, Patti Fudge, Bronti Phillips, Gloria Reyna, Angela Garcia, Keishala Brooks, and Angela Rubio

2nd Place- Professional Alternatives Credit & Risk Group: James Criswell, Robin Yarbrough, and Donna Stewart

Individual Awards- Technical/Professional Division

1st Place- Molly Gutierrez with Burnett Specialists

2nd Place- Meredith Clem with Burnett Specialists

3rd Place- Sarah Terry with Burnett Specialists

4th Place- Kevin Gwinn with Burnett Specialists

5th Place- Caitlin Spellings with Burnett Specialists

6th Place- Janet Attebery with Burnett Specialists

7th Place- Allison Bradley with Burnett Specialists

8th Place- Jennifer Gibbs with Burnett Specialists

9th Place- Dana Schneider with Burnett Specialists



Team Awards- Administrative Support

1st Place- Burnett Specialist Northwest: Patsy Ford & Patti Villarreal

2nd Place- Burnett Specialists TeleSkills: Elpida Routsas Duff

3rd Place- Burnett Specialist Talent Center: Alexis Lucio, Brittany Nicholson, Emma Martinez, Heather Lee, Isabelle Daaboul, Johanna Linares, Kayla Tutt, Kryshel Thomas, Nancy Nguyen, Peyton Green, and Roxanne McCrary

Team Awards- Technical/Professional

1st Place- Burnett Specialists Accounting Specialists: Krystal Brod and Nicole Stoker

2nd Place- UltraStaff: Jolyn Scheirman, Ruth Bustos, Stacie Cruz, Marquita Orr, Kendra Norris, Krystal Garcia, Denise Vidaurri, Andrenette Cox-Nyatome

3rd Place- Burnett Specialists Woodlands: Hope Simmons and Natacha Corley

4th Place- Dagen Personnel: Tiffany Wallace & Angie Lawson

5th Place- Nearterm: Gayle Tapps, Jessica Tello and Khadiza Hannan!

Team Awards- Light Industrial

1st Place- Carlton Staffing Southwest: Beth Hammond, Sara Lozano, Shawn Kowalski, Courtney Heater

2nd Place- Burnett Specialists Southeast: Heidi Roe

Individual Awards- Light Industrial

1st Place- Shawn Kowalski with Carlton Staffing

2nd Place- Sara Lozano with Carlton Staffing



Individual Awards- Administrative Support

1st Place- Shannon Holloman with Burnett Specialists

2nd Place- Kylie Mulvogue with Burnett Specialists

3rd Place- Brandy Falcon with Burnett Specialists

4th Place- Ashley Craddick with Burnett Specialists

5th Place- Isabel Swanson, also Burnett Specialists

6th Place- Lindsay Loveland with Burnett Specialists

7th Place- Sue La Vonne Stone with Burnett Specialists

8th Place- Stephanie King with MK Personnel

9th Place- Charise Spedale with Burnett Specialists

Direct Hire Technical Professional Category

Individual Awards- Technical/Professional

1st Place- Nicole Self with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

2nd Place- Mark Dremely with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

3rd Place- Eric Holzer with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

TOP 10

4th Place- Alexis Rogers with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

5th Place- Kyle Williams with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

6th Place- Ken McQueen with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

7th Place- Susan Benson with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

8th Place- Michael Finch with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

9th Place- Craig Kennedy with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

10th Place- Kristi Pickett with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

TOP 20

11th Place- Truett Allen with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

12th Place- Cathy Higginbotham with Hunter+Sage

13th Place- Carrie Flick with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

14th Place- Kurt Dawson with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

15th Place- Nicole Applebaum with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

16th Place- Sara Walkowiak with Professional Alternatives

17th Place- Cole Pledger with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

18th Place- Pam Thompson with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

19th Place- Steven Hadnot with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

20th Place- Jason Grable with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

TOP 30

21st Place- Tania Killebrew with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

22nd Place- Staci McAndrew with Richard, Wayne and Roberts

23rd Place- Brad Field with MK Personnel

24th Place- Rodney Schwab with Professional Alternatives

25th Place- Francisco Ardila with Professional Alternatives

26th Place- Hussain Lilani with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

27th Place- Kristi Hamilton withRichard, Wayne, & Roberts

28th Place- Neshia Plair with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

29th Place- Ariana Morris with Professional Alternatives

30th Place- Jessica Tello with Nearterm

31st Place- Sam Ali with Nearterm

32nd Place- Gayle Tapps with Nearterm

33rd Place- Gary Bruson  with Nearterm

Rookie of the Year-Technical Professional

Zachary Hays with Richard, Wayne, & Roberts

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