Houston Staffing Association Announces Major Re-Brand, Now Operating as TSRSA

Houston Recruiting Association Announces Re-Brand to Better Serve Members and Accommodate Growth, Now Operating as TSRSA


Houston, TX / April 20, 2022 – Press Release


The Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC) announces the launch of a comprehensive re-brand. The association will now be serving members throughout the entire state as the Texas Search, Recruiting, and Staffing Association (TSRSA).

HAAPC, a leading Houston-area staffing and recruiting association, recently announced that it has completed a major rebranding. The associating states the driving force behind the re-brand is a drive to better serve members and allow for continued value, not just in Houston, but across the entire state of Texas.

Founded in 1984, HAAPC has positioned itself as an invaluable resource to Houston-area staffing and recruiting agencies in its mission to promote the success of the staffing industry through education, certifications, and networking events.

As the business market changes, the association recognized a need for their support across the entire state of Texas, with a growing demand for its solutions. To accommodate this demand and take steps to increase the association’s presence, HAAPC reshaped the brand to operate as TSRSA, expanding offerings, increase network relationships, and strengthening its support of professionals within the Texas staffing and recruiting industry.

TSRSA, or the Texas Search, Recruiting, and Staffing Association, has launched a new website at http://www.tsrsa.org, as well as a new logo that better reflects the focus and mission of the new brand. TSRSA also has formed a new partnership with the Texas Staffing Association (TAS), which will allow TSRSA members to access experienced congressional lobbying efforts, giving them a voice when legislative issues that impact the staffing industry are being shaped by state lawmakers.

“For decades, our association has been based on respect and a desire for growth for our members. We couldn’t be more excited to increase our support to staffing, search, and recruiting firms to all companies in the state of Texas!” says Elithia Marshi, TSRSA President (formerly HAAPC), “With this new growth, we’re proud to be offering more resources than ever before to our members, with even more initiatives on the way!”

Chris Myers, TSRSA (formerly HAAPC) Vice President, says that “While we are operating under a new name, our values and commitment to excellence remains the same. Our members are our focus, so it’s only natural that we continue to expand our support to more members across the state.”

According to their website, “TSRSA strives to stay on the cutting edge of issues which affect the staffing industry. We are diverse in our composition, with members involved in direct hire, temporary, contract, administrative support, professional, technical, full service, specialty, retained search and contingency operations of all sizes.”

To learn more about TSRSA, its upcoming events, and more, click here to connect with our team today!


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